Selling a home is a very personal and emotional time. It is a disconcerting experience at times to neutralize personality and memories so that others can see themselves making their own. It is sometimes difficult to make the repairs, stage the home, and always have it in show-ready condition. There is a lot to think about and deal with when attempting to sell a home for its highest and best value.

We understand all these things because, besides helping many others, we have been through it ourselves and know what it takes. We look forward to helping you move through the process as seamlessly as possible, avoid unnecessary stress, and enjoy the reward of selling your home in the best manner possible.

We encourage you to browse our blog for seller’s tips, or contact us with any questions.

Common Seller’s Questions

What are some tips on negotiation?

Your agent is likely to do most of the negotiating, but the most important part of negotiation is understanding the other person’s motivations. If you can discover what is driving their interest in your property, you can more easily get to a sale you both feel great about.

Do sellers have to disclose the terms of other offers?

No. You are not required to disclose any details of other offers.

How do I prepare the house for sale?

First, take care of major repairs. Then, work on curb appeal and staging. We have a whole series on staging. Check it out: